40 Days To Purpose | Day 4

Aaron was initially called to help Moses in fulfilling his assignment. And he was performing quite well. He was a great spokesman for Moses before Pharaoh. Later on, we see him holding up the hands of Moses to help Joshua win the battle against Amalek.

Before long, God saw his faithfulness and called him into the priests office. He became a “pastor” in today’s setting.

The next thing I read about Aaron really shocked me though. I see Aaron making an idol for the children of Israel. Hooooow???

How can a priest who is supposed to guide the people in the way of righteousness be the one leading them into sin. Something was definitely wrong with Aarons heart. Aaron loved his life.

Aaron knew if he rebuked the people, they could suddenly become enraged and stone him to death so he gave in to their desires and quickly made an idol for them to worship. The scriptures record that he even made them go naked. God was important to him but his own life was more important.

Later we see him plotting with Miriam to oppose Moses. God soon commands him to be stripped of his garments at Meribah and he dies for disobeying. Aaron was sanctified on the outside but his heart was not consecrated .

To succeed in your life’s assignment, outer consecration is not enough. There must be a consecration of the heart. People may be calling you “pastor, pastor” but that does not guarantee you will succeed in the purpose of God.

The bible never recorded that Aaron had any intimate relationship with God, yet he was popular among God’s people. He ended up a disappointment to heaven. God is looking for men who like Moses will leave everything to spend time with him on the mount (their personal altar).

Without sufficient and consistent relationship with God, you will fail in your assignment, I can promise you that. It is from your place of personal communion with God that He equips you to serve his people and the world.


1. Spend personal time with God today. Make no excuses. See yesterday’s activation points if you have not yet started this

2. Pray and ask God to increase your hunger and thirst for intimacy with him

3. Tell God to spend time working on your heart, melting away every thorn and consecrating it into him alone

40 Days To Purpose | Day 3

You see, Abel understood that he was on earth for one particular reason. He knew that there was nothing more important he could do with his life than to please God.

So Abel would look at his sheep, he will separate the fat healthy ones from the thin sickly ones. Abel would sacrifice the fat ones to God and take the others. He was a man who understood purpose.

A man that understands purpose is one who will give God the best of his time, the best of his strength, and the best of his material possessions.

It is because you have not realised that there is a heavy calling upon your life that you find it easier to give your best to the world/flesh and least desirable to God.

You would rather spend all your time working for a man (or yourself) than working for God. You would rather gist with your friends for 1 hour than spend 15 minutes with God. You would rather go without food for vain purposes than fast unto God for just six hours.

Because Abel understood and delivered on purpose even in the face of Cain’s bitter envy, his blood still speaks today. After millions (or even billions) of years we are still reading about his strong faith in God and learning so much from his life.

For how many years will your blood speak when you die? Will people still be talking about you 3 years after you leave this earth? In what way will the story of your life inspire and help people?

Sister, time is running out!


1. Agree with God on a particular *time, place and duration* you will spend with him daily

2. Get together your Bible and journal (a note pad where you will be writing whatever God speaks to you daily, etc)

3. Ask God for grace to stick to it and grow from there. That you will never let a day pass without meeting with him for the rest of your life

40 Days To Purpose | Day 2

I used to think theres nothing more to learn from the creation and fall of Adam but come and see what I newly found.

God gave Adam a special task in the garden of Eden, “…to cultivate it and guard it” Genesis 2:15 NLT. The king James version says “to keep it” which means to protect it.

It was Adam’s responsibility to prevent Eve and every other creation from eating the forbidden fruit. When he failed in his assignment he was cast out of the garden.
After that, we do not see any other meaningful mention of Adam again.

You see, it’s not that Adam did not do anything meaningful or important with his life after he was cast out. After all, together with Eve, he raised Abel, a wonderful child that pleased God. The issue was that any other thing he did with his life was not relevant in heaven so there was no need to record it.

There are many wonderful things you are doing now but how are you sure that heaven is taking note of those things?

Many people will approach the judgment seat of Christ with big smiles on their faces expecting to leave with many prizes, but when their book is opened, it will be completely blank. That will not be our portion in Jesus name.

Good morning Sisters!

40 days to purpose | 24th January to 5th March

40 Days To Purpose | Day 1

I was reading about the life of Moses and I discovered very interesting things. Moses was an extremely depressed and confused man.

As far as the Hebrews were concerned, Moses was an enemy, the son of pharaoh. As far as Pharaoh was concerned, he was an outcast, an abomination, an irritating slave who mistakenly landed in the palace.

Moses knew he was a Hebrew (a slave) but he had to live like an Egyptian for many years, and bear the guilt of watching his people sorely oppressed. Moses was a depressed emotional wreck. He had such chronic identity crisis that he killed a man, he became a murderer.

Rejected by everyone, Moses fled for his dear (I mean miserable) life.

Soon we see he has gotten married and having lost all sense of self-respect, dignity and self-esteem, he is a beggar in his father-in-law’s house.

Soon enough, demons started operating in the life of Moses. The same Moses who was once learned and mighty in words and deeds (Acts 7:22), became a stammerer (Exodus 4:10) and a mere servant. How na?

Moses life finally began to make sense when he submitted himself to God’s call and he wrought the power of God by simply obeying His instructions, eventually saving Israel out of the hands of the Egyptians. “…and they also trusted moses, the Lord’s servant.” Exodus 14:31

Hmm… I trust God that in the next 40 days, setbacks, sicknesses and confusion in your life will be shattered to pieces as God in his mercy will be revealing to you your divine calling and unleashing upon you grace to pick up the vision of your life and run with it.

Good morning!

40 Days To Purpose | January 24 to 5th March 2021

Tiredness and purgatory?

Today was one of the many days I feel too tired to go out and preach the gospel…lol.

But God gave me grace once again to go. I spoke to three people, one of whom believes that she can repent in purgatory when she dies.

Preaching brings light and truth where there is darkness and falsehood. Nigeria is filled with religious people who will not make heaven when Jesus comes. Let us keep praying, let us keep preaching.

I Preached To A Drunk Man

While it is tasking to do videos or even take pictures of all my street preaching, I see the need both for record purposes and so that other Christians will be inspired to do same.

In future, I will look back to the first day I preached to a drunk. The wonderful thing is that miraculously, he listened and responded and I prayed for him. He may forget the encounter when he wakes up tomorrow morning but the seed that has been sown will remain forever in Jesus name, Amen.